Yanagiya - Hair Tonic 360Ml

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Revitalize the scalp preventing loss of hair. Extremely rejuvenating cooling sensation which lasts. To bring up younger looking nourishing as well as long-lasting tresses, it's crucial that you handle steady care on the hair follicles. It's a refreshing medicated tresses tonic which often campaigns for new hair growth by protecting against hair damage by penetrating the locks root of 3 healing components and plant based drugs extract ingredients (natural moisturizer). Efficacy effect: Prevention of new hair growth, nourishment, marketing of locks regrowth, thin hair, itching, dandruff, baldness. How you can use: two to three times 1 day sunk into the hair scalp with a suitable amount, massage decent therefore as to never stay nails. When applying after shampooing, work with after wiping off moisture effectively.