Yes To - Yes To Triple Masking: 3 Mud Masks (Hydrate/ Detox/ Calm) 3 Masks A Kit

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Sure to multi masking with avocado, charcoal, as well as cucumbers to cover all of your masking requirements. Use all 3 mud cover up formulas for an entire treatment or perhaps focus on the areas the skin of yours requires a very really like each mask is in a personal sachet which separates for excellent on-the-go use. So now you are able to hydrate with avocado, detoxification with charcoal and alleviate with cucumbers. Because, hey, only some aspects of the skin of yours needs to be treated every bit as! For: all skin kinds The right way to use: One mask suits all? Absolutely no way! Apply one, two or perhaps three mud masks for treating skin in specific areas or even all around the face area of yours, the choice of yours! Permit them to work the magic of theirs for 5 10 minutes. (Feel free to lie down and shut your eyes too!) Rince off with clean water to show the beautiful skin tone of yours.