Sana - Soy Milk 6 In 1 Moisture Gel Cream 100G - 2 Types

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Wet six in a single piece (lotion, pack, cream, milky lotion, beauty solution, makeup base). It's a sticky smooth hydrating all-in-one gel. Squeezing gel that contains soy milk fermented alternative with a good mesh, subsequently aging it's a smooth dense gel every skin. Mixture of 3 soybean derived ingredients (soymilk fermented solution, soybean seed extract, soy protein) in a high-class ingredients. As it can get relaxed and melts on the skin of yours, it changes newly, penetrating much in to the stratum corneum. Shape memory gel elongates a membrane on the skin of yours, moisture content is captured. Therefore soft, plump moist. Enriched For one refreshing gel Enrich for refill. This's an extremely dense all-in-one gel of 100g. one page six functions (lotion, loveliness product, milky lotion, product, kit, beauty products foundation) with similar volume as this specific item, plump wet skin. The way to use: After cleansing, have a suitable volume in the hands of yours, give it time to fit the full experience. You are able to make use of it in the early morning and also evening.