Missha - Time Revolution Night Repair Probio Ampoule Sheet Mask 40G X 1 Pc

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Benefits: An anti wrinkle and also whitening sheet cover up features bifida ferment materials and also ten sorts of probiotics that will feeds your skin with nutritional requirements like protein, vitamins, as well as can help reinforce your skin foundation for hydrating and healthy skin. Consists of five kinds of purple components (purple carrot, eggplant, purple cabbage, beet root and also blueberry) which soothe skin from outside harm and maintain your skin smooth with vitality. The cover up sheet is done with five Layer Technology which in turn will help the nutritional value of the ampoule uniformly deliver on the skin. How you can use: one. Take away the mask and get rid of the film, distribute the sheet mask with the face area staying away from the eye and also lip areas. two. Try to leave on for 10 20 minutes and gently remove the mask, gently pat the excess essence to help absorption.