Mandom - Bifesta Cleansing Sheet 46 Pcs - 3 Types

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Double-effect hydrating washing factor: instantly diffuses the makeup and also earth deep in the strong skin pores to the area, ultimately achieving two fold cleaning. The skin is much more transparent: when getting rid of beauty products, it is able to in addition wash off of the aging skin covering and bring back a transparent and smooth sensation. At the identical period get rid of makeup & moisturizing: features lotion, remover and hydrate the epidermis, minimize friction on the dermis. Extra-large soft makeup remover: one may get rid of all areas of the cosmetics. The rubber covering of the bag is created to keep the laundering paper from drying as well as the last one to be hydrated. In the early morning, it's simple to adjust the washing along with moisturizing measures. Absorbent amino acids, highly effective hydrating, soft and moisturizing skin is is made up o by moist moisturizing type. Brightup Bright white is able to whiten skin. Applying keratin softening ingredients as well as hydrating vitamin C to carefully remove the aged keratin built up by melanin, your skin will probably be beautiful and bright. Enrich The supple sort is able to increase the firmness of skin as well as make your skin even and fine. Applying Q10 Coenzyme as well as ceramide, it is able to efficiently hydrate your skin and make your skin very soft as well as elastic. How you can use: Remove the laundering newspaper and lightly wash the counter to fully say goodbye to makeup and dirt. Absolutely no importance for using water after using, it is able to hydrate the skin.