Vely Vely - Sweet Rice Cake Clarifying Mask 120G

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Benefits: five in one peel off kit which usually purifies skin to generate mochi like dazzling, resilient nourishing express. Extensively exfoliates to get rid of dead skin cells, harmful particles in addition to extreme sebum, passing on to skin clean and fresh. Helps tighten enlarged pores of the skin for enhanced, smooth skin feel. Enriched with Vitamin C will help brighten skin to bring back clear complexion. Thick surface offers Skin Wrapping Effect to firm skin for younger looking, elastic skin. How you can use: one. Following face cleansing, change your skin surface with toner. two. Evenly distribute a thin layer more than face spot staying away from eye and also mouth areas. three. Try to leave on for thirty mins and can be removed the package until it's totally dried. four. Finish with hydrating skin item.