Kanebo - Coffret Dor Tapping Light Foundation Limited Edition - 2 Types

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Sweat or normal water block powder. A mild finish which comes with air with just one touch. A light foundation which sustains the skin of yours. Powder taken care of with water repellent. Light and single finish. Cover finish by overlapping consumption. Easy for dressing up. Mixed with green nuance pearl for a shiny and cool skin. How you can use: Adjust the knob in the bottom level of the planting container to open. It is strong and big! Spread tissue cardboard etc. over a dull spot such as on a table, then pop it therefore the powder is often squeezed highly until the complete puff. Get started to color in aproximatelly five times, but please permit me to merge the tone until the complete puff is solidly colored. The set is finished. If perhaps of individual product consumption, after conditioning the skin of yours with beauty products base, do put it on to all areas of the experience. For overlapping start using, after using Liquid Foundation, make sure you put it on to the entire experience of yours. Other aspects and t-zone of concern is further upgraded when you apply makeup. Just before use, it is going to be simple to fill away powder in case you pop on the backside of the hand of yours repeatedly. Should you believe it is challenging to fill out the powdered while utilizing it, flip the planting container upside down and permit the puff bounce once again. In case you're focused on the powdered splashing, pop it properly on your skin as you press it. Pack Size - 3.3g