Cosmetex Roland - Biyougeneki Ultra Lotion 185Ml - 3 Types

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AP A lotion cosmetic products with placenta extract and arbutin. It not simply moisturizes your skin but in addition contributes to firmness with transparency and also firmness. Lifeless skin because of casings, transparent and moist epidermis. CH Hyaluronic acid with higher water retention and also excessive water retention performance in addition to a lot of collagen. Moisturizing solution to individuals who actually are especially focused on skin which is dried out. HA Dense anyway, ninety seven % targeted superabrasion lotion as inventory mixture with hydrating substance formula. Petit pla solution which could be purchased with just one coin although it's very magnificent. Astaxanthin along with plenty of high hydrating hyaluronic acid are mixed. To bare skin like bouncing pin. It's light to the skin of yours. Non-alcohol, color, non fragrance, petroleum-based surfactant free, UV absorber free, oil free, silicon free. The way to use: After cleansing, have a suitable volume in the palm and polyester. Softly change to the skin of yours while getting it properly.