Bathclin - Kikiyu Carbonated Water Bath Salt 360G - 6 Types

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Kikiyu collection six kinds to pick out in accordance with the symptoms and also complications of contemporary individuals. Hot spring mineral + co2 gas boosts bathing impression, stimulates rate of metabolism and circulation. Warms the human body to the center, alleviates several symptoms of the body. Body care in the conclusion of the day time. It's a health and fitness bathing habit and also boost bathing impression and smoothen down the symptoms of the next morning. Acne Care Alum carbonated warm water acne. Leaf scent. Violet transparent water. Chilliness For wintry salted water and tiredness. The fragrance of the ocean. Milky eco-friendly water. Lower Back Magnesium carbonate warm water for back pain and also stiff shoulders. Kavos fragrance. Blue-green transparent water. skin which is rough Clay sodium bicarbonate carbonated skin which is rough. Yukemuri fragrance. Milky white water. Shoulder Potassium salt carbonate shoulder stiffness and also fatigue convalescence. Honey orange scent. Lemon-colored transparent water. Exhausted Body Calcium carbonate fatigue and also stiff shoulders. Ramune scent. Azure sky transparent water. How you can use: Make bathing following dissolving the warm water salt at a speed of aproximatelly 30g in water which is hot (200L) to the warm water.