Alface+ - Crystal Moisture Aqua Moisture Sheet Mask 5 Pcs

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Instantly resolves dryness with an extremely penetrating aminoalkanoic acid and a cushy fit. A brand new version sheet mask which is mild on the skin and comes with many moisture retention. Vitamin B or C / E is combined into an extremely penetrating amino acid based essence. For moist and fresh clear epidermis. The moist essence keeps the skin of yours shiny and stylish. Multi-vitamin for clear skin. The skin is protected by natural mineral silica. The way to use: After cleaning the face of yours, spread the mask and also make certain it suits the skin of yours. Use as per the skin condition of yours for aproximatelly 5-15 minutes. Use for fifteen minutes, particularly if you feel the skin of yours is dry. Right after eliminating the mask, extend the heart staying on the skin of yours with the whole face.