Pdc - Liftarna Clear Wash Powder 32 Pcs

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Turn off of pore dirt and set up the mask's dermis familiarity to fine shape. Cleansing powder which contain black colored charcoal. Cleaner dirt stopped up within pores of the skin with W enzyme of proteolytic enzyme and also sebum digesting enzyme. Non-slip cut processing film that can easily be was established with no irritation in spite of film was adopted by damp hands and wrists. Dark powdered mixed with charcoal adsorbs sebum. Wash the debris on the epidermis surface area and after that peeled used skin, as well as purifies the sebum which accumulates in the skin pores that can be tough to eliminate with the clothes face area, as well as furthermore, the dead skin. Black face cleaning powder mixed with charcoal (sebum adsorbable component) firmly takes epidermis soil. With mannan (scrub agent) formulation, it's light, pores are relaxing. Combine mid-foot chalk leaf extract, solidly say goodbye to pore earth, clean up the skin of yours cleanly and tightly. As you're consuming amino acid based cleansing ingredients, it's simple to clean up with much less force on the epidermis of yours. Combine collagen, hyaluronic acid, other skin and ceramide moisturizing ingredients, plus don't get the clothes that need to be washed up bumps. How you can use: Take one particular bag of powder in the palm of yours, wash well with a minimal quantity of lukewarm water or water, clean it completely. Start using one bag at any given time.