Kanebo - Suisai 3D Mask 4 Pcs

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A sheet like serum mask which often adheres securely to your skin as well as provides moisture content to each and every corner of the stratum corneum. How you can utilize: Use after making the skin of yours with lotion. It's helpful to fit the heart on the mask by slowly stroking it along with the palm of the hand of yours a couple of times prior to opening. Take away the mask away from the bag as well as distribute it. Right after setting the mask on the face aspect, place the middle of the experience (a line which combines the forehead towards the nose towards the face with a straight line) along with the core type of the mask, and lastly press the mask softly with the palm of the hands of yours. Be sure it's in closer touch with all areas of the experience. Try to leave it on for five to ten minutes as well as get rid of the mask. Following the mask, do prepare the skin of yours with daily treatments including cream and also milk. It's helpful wear two to three times per week.