Furupuru Cosme - Furupuru Cream - 43 Types

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A hydrating product which is generally applied to the whole body, for example fingertips, nail motor oil, beauty products remake product, body lotion, and gloss of locks. Moisturizing ingredient Blended with three types of natural and organic petroleum and collagen. Argan oil (argania spinosa central oil), coconut oil (shea butter), jojoba seed oil, collagen (hydrolyzed collagen) A sensation of dimension which works in the hands may be all the time taken by getting it in a pouch or even container. It's a cute package deal design which often seems as cosmetic. The bottom level of the reality features a style, therefore it can be utilized as an accessory after usage. A delicate organic rose is scented slowly by the mixture of Kaninabara berry petroleum and also damask rose rose motor oil. Paraben-free, non-coloring, non-mineral oil, simply no artificial fragrance. How you can utilize: Please employ a suitable volume of locations where dryness is concerned as beauty products remake lotion on the idea of the locks, body, idea of locks, fingernails, fingertips. Pack Size - 20g