The Plant Base - Nature Solution Natural Cleansing Foam 120Ml 120Ml

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The Nature Solution line is made up of Bamboo Extract for hydrating; Botanical Oil for moisture retaining; INFLAX for Adenosine in addition to antioxidation for wrinkles improvement. Is made up of aproximatelly twenty eight % of Bamboo Extract for moisturizing. Cleanse skin with rich organic and organic foam for an obvious skin surface. Revitalizes skin with moisturizing impact and also takes away the pore impurities & too much sebum. Consists of fifteen kinds of naturally derived used oil to keep the skin of yours moisturized after usage. How you can use: one. Lather up a good amount as well as use on the face area evenly. two. Massage and clear the face in motion which is circular for some time after that rinse with lukewarm water obviously.