Vecua Honey - Vegetable & Honey Face Mask Special Set 4 Pcs

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Solid sheet which often moistens solidly in all-in-one. Yield rewarding epidermis, another intense proper care of skin problems. Popular veggie mask sheets in a cost of three sections with one slice of gift. Acai, Grapefruit, Yogurt, Perilla. How you can utilize: Please use right after washing or maybe after conditioning your skin layer with lotion. Take away the mask away from the bag, keep the ear and then spread bit by bit. Arrange the mask to the eye role, and after that arrange the mouth then touch all areas of the experience. Remember to utilize the element of the eye outdoors folded. You are able to likewise put it to use along with your eyes shut and more than the eyelids of yours. Take away the mask after aproximatelly ten to fifteen mins and permit the magnificence essence that remains on your skin merge along with the palm of the hands of yours.