Cnp Laboratory - Propolis Ampule In Cushion With Refill (2 Colors) #21

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CNP Laboratory Propolis Ampule In Cushion is a high coverage, radiant cushion which usually adheres for hours which are long without darkening like using an entire can of propolis ampoule. Propolis Ampule In Cushion products skin with essential power resembling a complete can of propolis ampule while scattering the glow of 99.9 % pure orange to generate organic, sparkling skin with lustrous shine Triple Cover Complex presents most suitable coverage to produce soft, remarkable skin express while Skin Fixer compound with covering powder produces superb anti darkening influence for lasting cosmetics Form moisture content shield over epidermis to avoid moisture damage as well as keep on elastic, hydrated skin Soft powdered articles makes it possible for very nourishing written content to adhere on epidermis softly with a burdenless, little surface The right way to use: Apply a suitable volume on a puff as well as pat gently on face area over the skin feel.