Mandom - Lucido-L Hair Wax 60G - 7 Types

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The gas is absorbed by non-sticky powder, brings down the stickiness yet still retains the arranging strength of wax for styling which is easy. Formulated with 1/100th the measurements of normal hyaluronic acid for hair hydrating. Light green floral aroma. Preservative free. Energetic Movement, feeling of bundle, solid stress & keep. Sharp fibre style. For creating bringing in motion as well as hair bundles in your hair styling. Arrange Fix Tame just about all frizz & stray locks for a non stiff, pure finish for updos. Appropriate for braids, ponytails and a lot more. Curl Create luscious, moisturized, and soft curls. Suited to curled or perhaps perm tresses. All-natural Create soft, delicate set hair with nourishing gloss. Ideal for dreary tresses. Nuance The nuances of the locks and also the air flow feel softly distinct. Delicate fibre style. For improving an organic and natural overall look with a reasonable hold. Moisture Double hyaluronic acid therapy delivers long lasting water. Produce smooth, lively, and shiny locks with hydrating layer. Ideal for dry, frizzy hair. Volume Create exceptional volume with no tough set. Strong long lasting hold. Suited to quick and bob hairstyles. How you can use: Spread the right volume on fingertips and blend in to the hair in which design is crucial. Group Size 60g