Asty - Gabaiyoka Peel Off Pack 20G - 2 Types

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Gel-formed pack stretches very well to your skin and adheres solidly while maintaining moisture in the stratum corneum. This kind of kit is a particular peel off typed skin pack which in turn gets to be a sheet of movie when it dries. Contained charcoal, clay and also mannan assistance to state your skin by taking out crogged pores plus older skin. Plant-derived extracts including Hamamelis extract and also Grape leaf extract (with superb astringent effect) are very well mixed and state the surface of skin. Right after packing, your skin can become clear and smooth. Additionally, since downy hair plus blacked heads are usually taken out whenever you can be removed the package. The package likewise betters unevenness of the basic foundation after beauty products. The fragrance of fresh lemongrass. How you can utilize: Utilize the pack as soon as a week, after cleansing the face off of. Take correct quantity of gel on the palm of yours and use entire face evenly. Following aproximatelly twenty mins, as soon as the group (gel) is solidifies entirely, peel the group off bit by bit from the conclusion for the middle. Right after peeling off of, disorder from the solution and also emulsion etc. Pack Size - 20g