Kao - Biore Mens All-In-One Whole Body Cleanser 480Ml Floral Savon

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Male's Biore ONE all-in-one body wash which can clean your hair, body and face. With our proprietary Hair or Skin Smooth Formula, tresses are smoothly and gently washed to keep the water of skin. Non-silicone. Paraben free. Mineral oil free. Has natural derived betaine (moisturizing ingredient). Simple floral tasty aroma. How you can use: Hold cap one physically and turn nozzle two in the course of the arrow. (If the nozzle doesn't increase, retighten cap one and switch two again.) The right way to use: When washing the hair of yours Wet your skin and hair, have a suitable amount, clean the whole skin with the finger belly of yours, and rinse extensively later. When cleansing the body of yours or face area, use a suitable volume to the hands of yours or perhaps a damp towel or sponge, gently lather, and rinse completely. Right after utilizing this product, there's no issue even in case make use of conditioner solution. Pack Size - 480ml