Homeo Beau - Preciouis Lipo Cream 30G

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Anti-aging Cream for females who is concerned aging of the skin! Containing wet fullerene* and that hydrating strength and also permeability are improved upon. A rich and dense lotion helps to keep moisture content and also offers sparkly and firmness to the skin of yours that resembles bouncing from within. Furthermore the product features a great amount of anti aging ingredient luxuriously, including apple berry cultured mobile extract, artichoke leaf extract, proteoglycan, saccharomyces solubilized extract, collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin and so forth. Found grown fullerene hydrated fullerene is sort of liposome that fullerene is loaded straight into a micro capsule, so as to boost moisture content part NMF in the keratinocytes of skin. By boosting the volume of moisture in the stratum corneum, the barrier performance can also be strengthened like protecting the skin of yours from drying out.