Etvos - Moisturizing Serum 50Ml

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For skin which is vulnerable, inner dry skin, dry skin, a hydrating essence created by thinking of raising moisture content barrier initially. It health supplements ceramides to fluctuating epidermis and brings about the new skin which often is included in the feel. It's the exact same lamellar framework as ceramide on the human skin, it smoothly enters your skin relaxed & permeates hydrating effect. It's particularly recommended for individuals that usually dry off. Moistly delicate skin area with higher hydrating products. Hyaluronic acid with higher hydrating power, trying to keep the hydrating epidermis loaded with moisture with similar organic moisturizing issue (amino acid) as the hydrating ingredients of our skin. Moisturizing consequences of essence + milky in a single can. Result of supplementing ceramide plus the influence of milky lotion safeguarding water limited in the skin. The calm as well as calm smell of all-natural lavender. How you can use: Take two push of heart and little by little and therapy carefully with the palm away from the middle of the face area towards the outdoors. Overlay the part you value drying.