The Saem - Silk Hair Color Cream (Dark Brown): Hairdye 50G + Oxidizing Agent 50G 2 Pcs

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Silky Hair Color Cream which will keep the hair of yours very soft and healthful with fine luster even when it's after hair dying. Has Licorice extract, Silk extract and Wheat Protein which in turn provides cozy feeling after use & provides flexible, locks which is good with gloss following colouring. How you can use: one. Squeeze #1 hairdye directly into the #2 oxidizing representative container and close up the cap tightly. 2.Shake #2 can very well to blend the contents. three. Use the mixture onto your hair style evenly. four. Wait for aproximatelly thirty minutes, then wash with lukewarm water. five. Wash the hair of yours with shampoo.