Oshima Tsubaki - Atopico Skin Care Shampoo Refill 350Ml

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Hypoallergenic entire body shampoo you are able to clean the hair of yours as well as the experience of yours. Purified camellia oil helps to protect the water of the scalp, skin and hair. It's a rich and moist laundry with okay lather. Hypoallergenic. Fragrance free. Uncolored. Tsubaki detergent (cleansing ingredients) formulated. Purified camellia oil (moisturizing, softening, filtering ingredients) created. How you can utilize: Take this unique item, for example hands, and then lather effectively before usage. In the circumstances of washing, wet the tresses with water which is hot as well as clean it with a suitable amount. Rinse completely after shampooing. Pack Size - 350ml