Orbis - Hand Treatment + Hair Care 80G

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2-in-1 moisturiser for wild hair and dry hands draws to a close Convenient and easy moisturising treatments to soothe rough dried out skin and nurture dry frizzy hair concludes as well. Perfect for females that are working very long hours in airconditioned area, and for individuals who actually require a touch set up prior to meeting a date. Free of easy-to-oxidise oil Fragrance free Free of man-made colours Allergy evaluated (formulated to minimise the chance of allergy) The right way to Use: This procedure lotion will be utilized on the hair of yours just after the hand therapy regimen of yours. Using hands which are clean, squeeze an optimum amount upon the hands of yours and distribute evenly on both hands. Use the recurring volume on the palms of yours on the hair, concentrating on the hair suggestions. Pack Size - 80g