Renguangdo - Camellia Oil Body Revitalizer 100Ml

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Utilizing more virgin Camellia Seed Oil as platform. We've developed this unique item combining different all natural heart as Calendula Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Avocado Oil and Jojoba Oil. High degree of Theasaponins Camellia Saponins plus Camellin is featured by this combination. 2 remarkable substances that will function deep into boosting metabolic rate prices while saving skin at harms of free radicals. Jojoba Oil is a fungicide which often can help to ease hypersensitivity while Avocado Oil lock in moisture and also repairs tricky skin. Calendula Oil and Tea Tree Oil supplemental support to disinfest epidermis while taking on itchiness and also unwelcome problems of skin. This specific formulation is particularly audio for preserving & improving skin factors resulted from eczema as well as other problems as they will interact in wonderful, replenishing and disinfecting nutritional value due to the skin. Provide for much better healing of little injuries. The long lasting result of Pure Camellia Seed Oil is able to work wonderful things for your skin as it forms a shielding coating on your skin layer lock in moisture, helps prevent development of find, dried out lines. Fresh Camellia Seed Oil beefs up skin problems for collagen absorption. No colour additives, no chemical preservatives. How you can use: Apply oil freely on dried out. Chapped skin for regular body skin nourishment, rubbing down lightly to penetrate the epidermis. For eczema skin, use 3 4 time every day on the impacted areas.