Rosette - Cleansing Paste Sea Clay Smooth 30G

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Washing-up of pores slippery and clear: Cleansing foam that contains seaweed (Kaito) full of nutrients and also plant extract. Paste usually means a paste geared up by kneading powder. Dairy and even flexible bubbles formulated with facial marine powders adsorb and also get rid of additional earth and sebum. To your sensitive skin and this tends to make it slippery for instance a pottery laundry with moisture. Mineral-rich ocean mud (clean ingredients) formulated: Sea mud brought set up by early dynamics has innumerable good gaps, moreover solidly adsorbs and also takes away dirt and grime of old skin and pores of the skin. Rose fruit extract (tightening ingredient) formulation: Using cleaning parts created from plants beneficial for the skin. Rose fruit extract securely grinds the epidermis. Certainly no smell, mineral oil, dyes agent. How you can use: Take a suitable volume (aproximatelly one cm) in the palm of the hands. Lather well with lukewarm water or perhaps water, laundry with care to stroke with foam. Then rinse totally to ensure that there's simply no rinse that remains.