Missha - Misa Geum Sul Giyoun Eye Cream Special Set 4 Pcs

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This specific MISA Geum Sul Giyoun Eye Cream Special Set contains: MISA Geum Sul Giyoun Eye Cream 30ml + 10ml x3 Benefits: This eye cream engineered with fermented ginseng clean water, deer antler & Reishi mushroom extracts applied in Oriental medicine. Helps diminish facial lines, additional signs and also lines of aging about eyes. Additional plant based extracts restore firm and also flexibility up loose skin. Revitalizes the dreary skin all around eyes for a healthier looking eyes. How you can use: one. Right after putting on product or perhaps emulsion every evening and morning, you cna put on a modest degree of product or service over eyes area. two. Dap with fingertips carefully for absorption.