Ph Japan - Premium Feminine Wash - 4 Types

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[PH JAPAN womanly wash] could be the identical skin part as a female's delicate zone (weakly tangy ph five), so there's zero irritation in time of scrubbing, solely additional dirt is eliminated and the first skin quality is taken care of. Additionally, hyaluronic acid and also collagen, 5 sorts of botanical extract (moisturizing ingredient) keep the moisture content securely and guarantee that it stays refreshing and moist. Trying to keep the fragile zone thoroughly clean, you are able to stop dryness, itching, odor, moisture, etc. which result in problems with regular attention. How you can use: First, gently moist the skin of yours. Cleansing skin first is important to get rid of big dirt and grime as well as to enhance foaming. Take [PH JAPAN womanly wash] roughly hundred yen coin (more or less 2ml) in hands. It doesn't suggest the quantity is huge. Remember to make certain to bring the proper amount. Right after bubbling solidly, gently and carefully clean the fragile zone without any rubbing. The secret is washing lightly as you move the hands of yours as circles. After use, rinse completely with lukewarm water. Pack Size - 150ml