Milbon - Nigelle Dressia Collection Wax 80G - 3 Types

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Flick A qualified pattern program which often moves trends, a variety of hair types are recommended as well as diversification of trend oriented, as well as it was launched to meet up with such desires. Gel wax prescription which often supports the motion of the finger carrying the counter and expands effortlessly thinly. By adding all-natural mineral powder (set ingredients), it will give you a firm experience and also softness for the hair and also holds it. Grasp Fluffy light veil additionally, never be very small wax series very easy to select. Move the very best fluently softly and come up with a feel which is just not excessively firm. Understanding from the root, it expresses the three dimensional perception with sharpness. Trace Slide the fingertips of yours on the idea of the hair to exhibit gentle cohesion. Drive to pass toes Melt disperse system keeping meltable casual. At the time of hair styling, the solution oily factor wrapped in sound oily materials dissolves out there with hand and yes it could be used smoothly and thinly. Following surface texture, it develops thinly on the idea of the locks, conveying gentle cohesion. Marine squalane (moisturizing ingredient) formulation. All-natural derived hair CMC related lipid created of squalane shark liver oil. Suppresses tresses with pasa, provides medium gloss and softness. Composition of fragrance. Based on White Floral, the smell of a transparent and fresh feeling with a fruity drifting smell of fruity La France. Prime note: La France. Center note: Jasmine, Muguet (Suzuran). Last note: Amber, Musk.